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Map of Isabela
Maps and links shows locations of Punta Sardina bay in Isabela, and the LMM airport in Aguadilla, plus popular beaches, snorkeling reefs,beach and surfing spots, and restaurants. Airline information for Isabela is on the map.

Water Activities
Isabela is famous for its uncrowded white sand beaches , scuba, snorkeling, surfing and windsurf. Many beaches and sea bottoms are sandy; perfect for sunbathing and body surfing. The most popular beaches for Isabela guests are Jobos, Montones, Blue Hole, La Sardinera and La Princesa; see Google interactive map in addition to Maps and links.

• Jobos Beach and Montones Beach are at 10-minutes ride in from Isabela
• Blue Hole is a 20-ride from Isabela
• La Sardinera is a 6 minute walk from Isabela
• La Princesa is a 10-minute walk from Isabela

Surfing and Snorkeling is excellent in Isabela. There are shallow coral reefs and ponds at many of the beaches, easily accessible by walking along the beach shore, or driving through the coastal Panoramic Road 4466. The Poza Azul, near Shacks Beach reefs are favorites of visiting snorkelers. Snorkeling gear can be rented or bought at dive and diving shops.

Scuba in Isabela is world-class. The best Dive shop in the area is Aquatica. Kayaks and Surfboards are available to rent.

A special feature of Isabela is that we have it all within a 15 miles radius: miles and miles of sandy beaches, mountains, rain forests and lakes, historical sites and nature trails, These are popular for exploring, swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.


Other Notes

Isabela is in the Northwestern coast of Puerto Rico, just 80 miles West of San Juan.

The people in Isabela are friendly, a delightful mixture of people from all over the world.

The climate is tropical, Temperatures in the high 70’s to low 90’s.

The coast of Isabela is relatively flat, and the mountain region is hilly and rainforest– there are miles of roads and trails for biking and hiking along the coastal area, and the mountain region.

A portion of the interioir of Isabela is a National Reserve park, (El Guajataca Natural Reserve) and the coastal areas are not overdeveloped. There are many varieties of birds, mamals, fish, and turtles.

Isabela boasts two golf courses at a 20 minutes drive from Casa del sol: Royal Isabela ( a world class golf course) , and Punta Borinquen Golf Course, the first public golf course in Puerto Rico. Punta Borinquen golf course was a favorite of President Eisenhower, built around 1940. Set atop a cliff side promontory, this par 72 course offers a sweeping view of the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

Services and stores on Isabela include restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gift shops, dive and surfl shops, supermarkets and malls. These services and stores are within easy walking distance or a short ride of Isabela.

There are many local restaurants near Isabela. On the high end are Eclipse Restaurant and Royal Isabela. There are other numerous high quality, but less pricey restaurants such as Ocean Front or the small restaurants at the Fishermen's Village (Villa Pesquera), such as El Anzuelo, just across the street fron Isabela.

For transportation, cars is the rule.


Snooky says....

Snooky wants to give you a basic background information to Isabela, Puerto Rico as well as suggestions to places to go so you can enjoy your residency.

The time in Puerto Rico is Eastern Standard Time (EST) without daylight saving.

Electricity supply is 110 volts throughout Puerto Rico with 2 pin wall sockets, same as in the USA. 

Although not required by law, it is recommended for some sort of identification be carried with you at all times. This may be a copy of you passport or driving license.

The "dress code" in Isabela is casual. Jeans and Polo style shirts are normal attire during weekdays and you will be able to enter practically all but some places on Friday and Saturday with casual wear. The only exception are "Sleeveless T' shirts" which you will not be looked upon welcomed in most indoors bars, clubs or formal restaurants, except on the beach. Being barefooted is not allowed in many restaurants and hotels . 

The cost of living is low, relative to the USA, Europe, China, Australia, or Japan.  Isabela uses the US Dollars as its currency, as does the rest of Puerto Rico. No other currency is accepted. Most credit cards are accepted everywhere.

You can drink tap water safely, but some people may be very succeptible to variations in the water treatment ingredients and may prefer to have bottled water. Bottled,  treated or spring water can be purchased very cheaply from local stores and  supermarkets ($1.25/gallon)

Isabela is a coastal city with several beautiful beaches, and a wide array of local shops,  restaurants and businnesses. Altough it is visited by many local tourists as well as those seeking some sun and fun from the United States and other North American  European  and Asian countries, the city has maintained a fairly casual approach as it relates to  tourists and visitors.  

Crime rate is very low,  but that does not mean that you should not be aware of your surroundings and trust everyone. The Municipal and State Police are very professional and most Officers are bilingual. In general,  people are friendly, courteous and very helpful..Communication is not a problem; English and Spanish is spoken widely. 

In general, people in Isabela is very proud of their history, culture, traditions and family ties.  Politics plays a day to day role in society, and it tends to be very polarizing. So as a rule of etiquette and courtesy try and avoid talking politics and respect the traditions. 

Public transportation in the West Coast is practically  non-existing, therefore  it is recommended to rent or own a vehicle. There are some good deals around...
When driving, if you are accustomed to drivers obeying the traffic light conventions i.e. a Red light = Stop Amber light = Stop or continue if you are at the point of no return, Green light = Go.

...here in Puerto Rico, and Isabela is no exception,  safe driving rules are not always adhered to. Sometimes you will see cars jumping through Red Traffic Lights or accelerating to "beat" the Orange light...! . 

Other annoying habits  are  to leave breaking to the very last possible second. Signaling, when done, may not mean the correct way.  

When walking the streets, be wary in assuming that cars will stop for you because sometimes they don’t. Even when the lights for pedestrians are showing that you can walk.

Driving Conclusion: 
Do not trust  the directional car signals and  keep your car distance. Try to be extra vigilant when driving around.  Some drivers here are not the safest drivers by far and they seem to follow their own rules at times. You can view it in two ways: Serious or Funny!.
I'll take the latter...

Snooky says...Goodbye !


For more information about Isabela, Puerto Rico please send us an email to info@guajataca.net

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For more information about Isabela please forward us an email to info@guajataca.net

Did you know.....?

Although best-known for its beaches and surfing, Isabela also has a forest reserve, caves, lakes, rivers and historical sites all waiting to be explored..

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