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• CHARMING small city, set amid prime beach locations, just a short distance away from the Fishermen's Village of Isabela; where kiosks, mild night life, and the beautiful beaches and coral reef pools of Punta Sardina are just a stroll or a stone's throw away, yet totally discreet and unassuming. 

Casa del Sol

• RELAXED...Our beautiful coastline overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is lined with mangrove forests, coral reefs and natural ponds. Downtown Isabela is not a tourist trap, peak tourist seasons are practically non-existent, and pricing of accomodations and commonplace goods does not fluctuate throughout the year. The Downtown and coastal facilities are conveniently situated at walking distance, or a few minutes drive from miles of pristine beaches and the Panoramic Coastal Pedestrian & Bycicle Trail and Boardwalk.

• HANDY to many supermarkets and malls, fast food places, great local seafood and typical Puertorican restaurants, eateries and bakeries and YES, surfing and golf !!... all within walking distance, or a very short bycicle ride or drive.

Casa del Sol

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Partial Downton View and Its Coastal Low Lands (Bajuras)

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